Add Personal Calendars and Share Availability

Written By CTS IT Care Team

Updated at February 6th, 2024

Personal calendars can be connected to your Microsoft 365 account so all your appointments are visible in one place. In addition, you can choose to include/omit availability based on your personal schedule with your co-workers.
Add personal calendars
  1. Go to
  2. Login with your work email account
  3. Click on "Add calendar" located on the left sidebar
  4. Click "Add personal calendars"
  5. You can add personal calendars from Microsoft, and Google accounts. Choose the personal calendar type, then enter your credentials.
  6. Click "Allow" to provide necessary permissions then close the window (if an error is displayed, refresh your screen)
Share availability with co-workers
By default Microsoft will include appointments from your personal calendars when displaying your availability to your co-workers. You can turn this feature on/off by following the steps below:
  1. Click on the ... next to your personal calendar, then choose "Manage account"
  2. Having the slider below turned on will show calendar events from your personal calendar as Busy when your co-workers check your availability.